COVID-19 Updates

City of Streetsboro COVID-19 Update

A Message from Mayor Broska:

I wanted to speak with all of you to relay steps we are taking to combat the recent crisis that all of us are facing. Members of City Council, as well as my senior staff and I have all discussed at lengths the measures that we as a city must undertake to limit exposure to our citizens as well as the general public and our employees.

Outlined below are the steps we, as a city, are taking to deal with the ongoing situation. I will remind you that this is a fluid situation with changes happening sometimes daily or even hourly. We will do our best to update you and keep you informed in the means that we have available to us.  We do encourage you to share the information with your friends and neighbors (via telephone) that may not have access to the internet or a computer or a newspaper.

 City Hall will remain open and continue to function, with restrictions.

  1.  First and foremost, if you can, conduct your business over the phone, that is highly encouraged.
  2.  Visitors to City Hall will be limited to the vestibule area and not be allowed to enter City Hall proper.
  3.  Water shutoffs previously scheduled will be delayed until further notice. Those that need to pay their water bill are asked to put it in the dropbox adjacent to the front door instead of entering city hall. Please do not deposit cash in the dropbox, in this circumstance please enter the vestibule and the clerk will take your payment.
  4. All non-essential meetings are hereby cancelled until further notice.
  5. City Council meetings will be continued. Pursuant to the President's Directive concerning limiting gatherings to 10 people or less a live audience is highly discouraged. We do have an opinion from the Attorney General that states that “Live-streaming” meetings as we do for Council are allowable under the open meeting rules.

We are aware that some of our Senior population is limited in their ability to conduct their daily affairs. We ask that you, their friends and neighbors, reach out to them via telephone and ask if they need anything please limit your physical contact with them.

 The Parks and Recreation Department will serve as the city's liaison to those of you that can offer services to our homebound citizens. They can be reached at 330 626 3802.  Parks and Rec will be your contact point for anything related to our senior population.

Our Police Department has adopted some policies and procedures to limit exposure to our Police Officers and Dispatchers.  That information can be found here.

The Fire Department has also adopted some policies and procedures to aid them also.  

All Parks and Rec Programs have been cancelled and the Senior Center is closed.   Updates regarding programs, special events and senior services can be found here.

The Streetsboro City Schools have done a great job disseminating the information that you need to get through the next few weeks.  That information can be found here.

I encourage you to continue to be mindful of the recommendations they have made and to any updates they may make. I can assure you that Mr. Daulbaugh and I have had frequent conversations via telephone and that we are both well aware of your concerns and are working together to keep our city and students safe.

 In regards to our restaurants, I have been in contact with Deb Covert, the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce. Some of you saw the info that was posted last evening on social media. I have noticed that many restaurants that offer a drive-thru are still offering that service but we do have restaurants that do not have drive-thru's that would still like to offer their food either to go, by curbside pickup or delivery. I would encourage any restaurants that are formulating plans to offer curbside pickup, to-go or delivery to contact Deb at 330 626 4769 and supply the information that she would add to the existing database that she has started and published.

I would also ask that in these trying times for our foodservice industry that you consider taking advantage of the ability to use any of the means they set forth to continue to patronize our restaurants while they suffer through this.

As I said at the beginning, this is a fluid, ever-changing scenario and we will do everything in our power to keep you informed. We will remain on duty at City Hall and can be reached Monday through Friday from 8 am until 4:30 pm. Our phone number here is 330 626 4942.

In closing, I ask that all of us remain “Boro Strong”. This is something that none of us has had to endure and we must remain calm, help each other, be civil to each other, remain informed, adhere to the recommendations to limit the exposure of you, your family and others.

We will get through this together. May God Bless the City of Streetsboro and the United States of America.