Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I’m building a new house, who assigns the address?

The Engineering Department assigns the address and notifies the proper authorities (including but not limited to, Police, Service, Fire, City School Bus Garage, Post Office, Auditor’s Office, Portage County Water Resources, Board of Elections, Recycling Center).

  1. What are the procedures for a topographic (TOPO) survey review?

A topographic design must be submitted when building a new home.  This TOPO must be stamped by a licensed surveyor and should show the building structure, and the existing and proposed contours and spot elevations of the property.  Four copies of the TOPO are needed for the Engineering Department’s review.  Once approved the TOPO is then sent to the Building Department to be given back to the contractor with the building permits.

  1. What is a Mud Bond?

A mud bond is needed before construction can begin on ANY project in the City.  The owner, developer or contractor shall be responsible for maintaining the public right of way at the location, and in close proximity to the location of the construction throughout the construction period. 

A cash bond must be posted.  For commercial projects, the amount is $2500.0.  The amount is $500.00 per unit for residential projects with a maximum of $2500.00 for all units.  These bonds will be held as a guaranty to keep the public right-of-way free from debris, and mud.  If there is debris, the contractor will be notified and they must start the removal of the debris (usually within 2 hours).  If the debris is not removed, then the City will call a street cleaning company to take care of the debris.  Their invoice amount will be deducted from the posted bond.

A mud bond application form must be completed, which can be obtained from the Engineering Department or downloaded from the website.  The fee is to be paid in the Engineering Department with the check made payable to the City of Streetsboro.  This is refundable upon completion of the project, once all criteria have been followed and the Engineering inspector is satisfied that all requirements have been met.     

  1. What are the procedures for a lot split?

The property owner should first hire a currently licensed surveyor to survey the parcel and have a drawing completed which will show the current property layout and the proposed lot split.  Two drawings as well as a legal description of the parcel needs to be completed by the surveyor and submitted to the Engineering Department.  It will be the property owner’s responsibility to have the lot split approved at the Portage County Tax Map office and recorded at the Portage County Recorder’s office in Ravenna, Ohio. 

  1. I would like to fill in my ditch, what do I need to do?

The Engineering Department is to be contacted to inspect the proposed project.  They will make the decision on whether the ditch can be filled in as there are many factors to take into consideration, including water run-off, neighbors who may be affected, etc.  If the department allows for the project to proceed, the Service Department is to be contacted by the property owner.  The Service Department can be reached Monday through Friday, 7AM to 3:30PM at 330-626-2856.

  1. I am planning on making changes to my property, will I need a permit?

It is always best to call in and get clarification on what changes will need a permit and inspections.  Always call first before making any changes to your property.

  1. Who do I contact for storm sewer inspections?

The Engineering Department handles all storm sewer inspections.  You must call 24 hours in advance.  There is a $30 charge per inspection for residential and $40 charge per inspection for commercial or $75 for three catch basins or more.  The builder will be invoiced by the Engineering Department at the end of each month and will have 30-days to pay.  The check is to be made out to the City of Streetsboro, and mailed to the Engineering Department. 

  1. Who do I contact for inspections for City sidewalks and/or drive aprons?

You need to contact the Engineering Department 24 hours in advance.  There is a $30 charge per inspection for residential and $40 charge per inspection for commercial projects.  The builder will be invoiced by the Engineering Department at the end of each month and will have 30-days to pay.  The check is to be made out to the City of Streetsboro and mailed to the Engineering Department.

  1. When will they be bringing water to my street?

Contact the Engineering Department for the proposed schedules.

  1. My property is flooded due to the heavy rains, who do I contact?

The Engineering Department will inspect the property to determine what is causing the problem.

  1. The traffic light sequence is not working properly, who handles this?

The Engineering Department is to be notified with the location, date and time of day the problem occurs.  The Police Department can be contacted at 330-626-4976 when City Hall is not open.

  1. A street pole light is out, does Engineering take the report?

Yes.  Please call in with the location of the pole (the nearest address), and if at all possible, the pole number.  The Engineering Department will notify Ohio Edison.

  1. Who do I contact about a septic system or sanitary sewer?

Contact Portage County Water Resources at 330-297-3670 or visit their website at

  1. Where do I obtain maps of the City?

You may obtain maps in the Engineering Department or in the Planning Department.  There is a small fee for each copy.

  1. Who is responsible for the sidewalk in front of my home?

Although this is owned by the City, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep the sidewalk maintained, including keeping it clear of snow and debris.