Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What number do I call for information?

A:  If you need to speak with someone at the fire station for anything other than a response to any incident, please call  330-626-4664. If you need the assistance of the fire department, please call our dispatch center at 330-626-4113 or 9-1-1.

Q:  Is someone at the fire station all of the time?

A:  The fire station is staffed 24 hours a day, however, there are times when no one is at the station due to multiple calls or training off station.

Q:  What is the red box at the front of the fire station?

A:  Occasionally, a person driving near the fire station experiences an emergency or otherwise needs to summon the fire department. The call button on the box is a direct link to our dispatch center, making our response faster any time of day or night.