Upcoming Scheduled Training / Activities

Scheduled Fire training will cover:

Drags and carries
Mayday incidents
Air consumption
Gear decontamination
Incident Command

Fire Prevention / Inspections: Tours of a local manufacturing business will provide our crews with an opportunity to see recent changes within the facility, review hazardous conditions, and update pre-fire response plans.

Scheduled EMS Training will cover: Protocol and medical run review

Our medical control physician will be here to go over recent protocol changes and review specific incidents our crews have encountered recently. We then also review the specific protocol for that incident. ***DID YOU KNOW...every medical call is reviewed in house for accuracy and completeness. The same reports are also reviewed by our medical control physician for an even closer review.


Special Teams Training - Each month, Streetsboro Fire Fighters that belong to special teams take part in additional specialized training. Our teams include: Portage County Fire Investigation Unit, Portage County Hazardous Materials Response Team, Portage County Incident Management Assistance Team & Portage County Urban Search and Rescue Team.



The Streetsboro Fire Department - Emergency Medical Services is very proud of our ability to provide excellent emergency medical care to residents and visitors of Streetsboro. Our medical control is through University Hospitals - Bedford Medical Center. Every month, we receive training from the best doctors, nurses and other medical professionals affiliated with University Hospitals, which helps us remain current with the newest and most advanced pre-hospital care allowed.

University Hospitals offers your Streetsboro EMS providers with more education and opportunities to acquire the best emergency medical equipment available. We appreciate this partnership and hope you feel confident that, should the need arise, we will provide prompt, courteous and professional emergency medical care to your or your loved ones.
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 Flashover Training

In December 2013, the Streetsboro Fire Department obtained the use of a Mobile Fire Behavior Lab from the Ohio Fire Academy. During this training, instructors were able to carefully create flashover conditions in the burn area.

A flashover occurs when all of the combustible material in a room undergoes thermal decomposition and gives off flammable gases, which then simultaneously ignite. This usually occurs at temperatures between 900 and 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the amount of combustible materials in the room, a flashover can overtake the entire room.

The video below will show you what occurs during a structure fire and flashover. The fire conditions you will see are not the thrilling movie / television fires that are created for entertainment. These fire conditions kill unprotected occupants and threaten the lives of all firefighters. The audio on this training and safety video is muffled because the camera was in a protective case. You will be able to hear some audio by turning your speakers up. Some comments by instructors and firefighters are also captioned on the screen.

To obtain information on home or business fire safety and creating a fire escape plan, contact the Streetsboro Fire Department at 330-626-4664, or your local fire department.