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Get Moving Streetsboro

Get Moving Streetsboro

2020 Get moving

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Welcome to the 2020 Get Moving Streetsboro Fitness Campaign! 

What is Get Moving Streetsboro?
getmovin’ Streetsboro” is a 3 month fitness campaign designed to get you out and stay moving and active throughout the winter months. The campaign provides participants an opportunity to come together as a community to help stay committed towards your individual fitness goals.

Why should I participate?
It’s an easy and free way to stay motivated and hold yourself  accountable during those cold winter months.  Being more successful will translate into a sense of pride and
achievement as you accomplish your fitness goals.

How do I get started?
1. Register online or in person.
2. Enguage in a minium of 25 minutes of physical activity.
3. Log your activity by visiting the link above, each and everytime you workout. 
4. Win FREE stuff!