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Get Moving Streetsboro 2019

Get Moving Streetsboro 



Get moving Streetsboro runs January 1, 2019 through March 31, 2019

Get Moving Streetsboro is for BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED skill levels. 

 What is Get Moving Streetsboro? Get Moving Streetsboro is a three month fitness campaign designed to help you stay moving and active during the winter months. The campaign provides participants an opportunity to come together as a community and help stay committed to your individual fitness goals.

Why should I participate? Get Moving Streetsboro is an easy and free way to stay motivated into a new year. The campaign will also help you stay on track with completing your fitness goals and start the new year off right!

How to "Get Moving?" engage in a minimum of 25 minutes of physical activity per day, or attend a health and wellness class offered by Streetsboro Parks and Recreation.

How to register?  in person, or online by clicking the above button titled
"Register for Get Moving Streetsboro 2019."