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Getmovin' Streetsboro

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What is “getmovin’Streetsboro 2014”?

“getmovin’ Streetsboro 2014” is a 3 month fitness campaign to get out and stay moving and active.
The campaign provides participants an opportunity to come together as a community to help stay committed towards individual fitness goals.

Why should I participate?

It’s an easy and free way to stay motivated and hold yourself  accountable during those cold winter months. 
Being more successful will translate into a sense of pride and achievement as you accomplish your fitness goals,
and you can earn a free camp chair!

Getting Started

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 What next?
Step 1: Like the “getmovin’ Streetsboro 2014”  Facebook page
Step 2:  Do a physical activity for a minimum 15 minutes.
Step 3:  Post what you did on the “getmovin’ Streetsboro 2014” facebook page.
Step 4:  Repeat step 2 and 3 during the months of January, February and March.
Step 5: Win incentives!


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Getmovin’ Free Fitness Classes!

We understand the importance of healthily lifestyle and want to help you reach your fitness goals.

As part of the getmovin’ campaign every Thursday during the campaign, we will open our gym to anyone interested in getting fit, wanting to shed a few pounds, or just wanting to stay active. 

Classes will be 45-60 minutes and dedicated towards a cardio workout.

Class is free to attend.  Participants must check in before each class.


 Free Fitness Classes schedule 

 Classes will be held in the gym at City Hall on Thursdays evenings. 

 January 9: Jazzercise    February 20: Live P90X
 January 16: Live P90X  February 27: Pilates
 January 23: Zumba  March 6: Jazzercise
 January 30: Pilates  March 13: Circuit Training
 February 6: Body Melt  March 20: Zumba
 February 13: Circuit Training  March 27: Circuit Training

For more information about the Getmovin' Streetsboro Fitness Campaign please contact the
Parks & Recreation Office at 330-626-382