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Streetsboro Parks & Recreation is being temporarily relocated...

movinglocationImportant to note...

Effective May 29th, 2018 
The Streetsboro Parks and Recreation and Senior Center will be relocated to 9307 State Route 43. The Setreetsboro Senior Center will not reopen until August 2018 for rennovations. See detail below.

Parks and Recreation and Senior Center location
9307 State Rout 43, Streetsboro, OH 44241

PRCAC meeting location

555 Frost Road, Streetsboro, OH 44241

Dear Streetsboro Residents,

This summer the building that has served the Streetsboro community as City Hall, Parks & Recreation Offices and Senior Center will be taken down to make way for new economic growth. Long term, the City will benefit from the changes and opportunities taking place.  The loss of the Municipal Building will have an impact on programs and activities offered by the Parks & Recreation Department. 

The departments’ goal is to continue offering the same amount of programs by utilizing strategic partners within the City. These partnerships will include the Streetsboro City Schools, Portage County District Library, Kid’s Encounter, the Streetsboro Singletary House and more. With their partnerships and your continued support, we won’t skip a beat.

Within the 2018 Summer Parks & Recreation Program Guide we have changed the locations of many of your favorite program and activities. If you have any questions about these location changes or certain programs please feel free to contact our office at 330-626-3802.

Along with changing program locations, the Parks & Recreation Office and Senior Center will also be relocated. Starting Tuesday, May 29th the Parks & Recreation office will be relocated to the McMichael Building, at 9307 State Route 43, Streetsboro. All current contact information for the department will remain the same for the time being.

Phone: (330) 626 – 3802

Mailing Address: 9184 St. Rt. 43 Streetsboro, OH 44241

Physical Address: 9307 St. Rt. 43 Streetsboro, OH 44241

As the Parks & Recreation Department looks towards the future, we will be asking for your help. In June of this year the department will start the process of updating the Parks & Recreation Master Plan. This plan will reflect feedback received from the residents of Streetsboro as to what they value and would like their Parks & Recreation Department to provide to their community. 

Multiple public meetings will be taking place to gather information. We encourage those interested in the future of the Parks & Recreation Department to attend these meetings. We will be posting meeting times and locations once the project is underway. 

Another great way to provide information and feedback is by contacting members of the Parks, Recreation and Conservation Advisory Committee. These members will play an important role in the Master Plan update. 

Thank you for your continued support,
Greg Mytinger