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Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Parks   Rec  Master Plan

The City of Streetsboro has a growing need for a comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan for the community. The Master Plan is a broad based strategic planning tool for the entire city that provides direction for the next 10 years and provides a vision for the long-term development of the park system.

Every five years, the Streetsboro Parks & Recreation Department conducts a comprehensive planning process to develop a master plan for its parks and recreation system.  The Master Plan is used as an overall guide for the development and operation of the City's parks, preserves and other recreational facilites.  A crucial component of the process is obtaining and integrating input from you, the residents of Streetsboro and primary users of the City's Parks & Recreation facilities.

We are currently working to update the 2007 Parks Master Plan with community input from public forums, surveys, and recommendations from our Parks, Recreation and Conservation Advisory Committee.