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Youth Sports Program
Participation in youth sports plays a valuable role in the development of children.  Aspects of teamwork, dedication, discipline, physical fitness, self-esteem, and fair play all contribute to the overall growth and maturation of young people.  Streetsboro Parks & Recreation Department takes this responsibility seriously and strives to offer quality programs which will aid in this development.Our Youth Sports handbook is presented to serve as a reference for you, as a parent or coach, so you will understand the philosophies of this organization regarding youth sports and allow you to do your part to make each program a success.  If everyone works together and does their best to enrich the lives of children in the City of Streetsboro, we can accomplish remarkable things.

I look forward to your involvement with Streetsboro Parks & Recreation Youth Sports Programs.

Greg Mytinger; Streetsboro Parks & Recreation Director

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The following youth sports organizations are provided by parent-led, non-profits groups.

Streetsboro Jr. Baseball - 
Jr. Rockets Football -
Streetsboro United Soccer Club -
Running Rockets -

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