Police Department

Crisis Intervention Team - CIT

CITCIT is a collaborative effort between the law enforcement and mental health communities of Portage County.  It is designed to help law enforcement officers handle incidents involving persons who suffer from mental illness.  CIT is a community-based collaboration between law enforcement, NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill), mental health consumers, mental health providers, the Mental Health & Recovery Board and Kent State University.  Patrol Officers receive 40 hours of training in mental illness and the local mental health community, providers, consumers and family members.  The training focuses on providing practical techniques for recognition of persons suffering from mental illness, de-escalating crises, referral to services, and follow-up.  The Supreme Court of OhioAdvisory Committee on Mentally Ill in the Courts (ACMIC) has worked to encourage Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training state-wide. 

Officers completing the CIT training program help direct persons with mental illness into treatment instead of inappropriate incarceration.  The training provides practical techniques for de-escalation, and officers learn to integrate their police training with different approaches to a person they believe to have a mental disorder.  Role playing is utilized to make the experience as close to reality as possible. 

The following Streetsboro police officers are currently certified in CIT, and may be contacted at (330) 626-4976:

  1. Sgt Andrew Suvada – Program Coordinator
  2. Sgt Tricia Wain 
  3. Sgt Richard Polivka 
  4. Det James Wagner 
  5. Ptl Joseph Smolic 
  6. Ptl Christopher Petro 
  7. Ptl Jason Fogleman 
  8. Ptl Aaron Coates 
  9. Sgt. Jon Hurley 
  10. Ptl Scott Hermon 
  11. Ptl Michael Cipriano 
  12. Ptl Ryan Wolf 
  13. Ptl Joshua Bartholomew 
  14. Ptl Stanley Siedlecki 
  15. Ptl. Tom Ondecker 
  16. Ptl. Matthew Plesz 
  17. Ptl. John Milner 
  18. Ptl. Michael Graham
  19. Ptl. Dan Mulcahy
  20. Ptl. Gene Larson
  21. Lt. Troy Beaver
  22. Chief Roy Mosley III


For further information regarding Portage County CIT or mental illness in Ohio, please visit the following web links: