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Officer Jason Fogleman


The Streetsboro Police Department has a long standing DARE program in partnership with the Streetsboro schools.  Each school year, the assigned DARE Officer is involved with teaching the DARE cirriculum for the 5th grade students at Defer Elementary School. 

2011 was the 19th consecutive year for the DARE program here in Streetsboro.   

On April 14, 2011, 160 5th grade students graduated from the 2010-2011 DARE program at a graduation cermony held at Streetsboro High School. 

You may contact the Streetsboro Police Department regarding the DARE program at (330) 626-4976.

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In February 2006, the Streetsboro Police Department implemented a School Resource Officer program.  The School Resource Officer (SRO), when assigned, spends his/her day at Streetsboro High School as a resource for both staff and students to utilize.   

The school environment is a community unto itself.  However it remains an integral part of the larger community of society in general.  Although the members of the school community are younger, the code of conduct in both communities remains the same.  School Resource Officers will enforce the law in the same unbiased and impartial manner as in the community at large. 

The primary mission of the SRO is three fold:  Instruction and presentations to students/staff; informal consulatation pertaining to law enforcement and community resource issues; and law enforcement.  The SRO does not play the role of a school disciplinarian. 

For further information or questions regarding the School Resource Officer program, please contact the Streetsboro Police Department at (330) 626-4976.  Or, click on the following link to the Ohio School Resource Officers Association web sitehttp://www.osroa.org/sro/all.html for detailed information regarding SRO. 

The Streetsboro Police Department is a member of the Ohio Police Juvenile Association.