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The history of Streetsboro is rooted in the 18th Century when Titus Street received a deed for the land that would later bear his name. Located in the Northeast quadrant of Ohio in Portage County, Streetsboro's first settlers came in 1822, followed quickly by the establishment of the first school in 1826. From those first settlers, our Western Reserve community has grown to its present population of just over 16,000 residents living within its 25 square miles. In 1968, the entire Township of Streetsboro was incorporated into a village to be governed by a Mayor-Council structure. Shortly thereafter, in 1972, Streetsboro became a city.


 chief_parent  chief_justice
 Chief Parent
Photo: Record News
Date: Nov. 14, 1968
Chief Justice
Photo: Unknonw
Date: Unknown 

      The basis for today's Streetsboro Police Department can be traced back to the appointment of Roger L. Parent as chief of Police in 1964. Chief Parent held the position until 1971 when Lowell Justice was appointed. Streetsboro's third chief of Police, James D. Brown, held the longest term from 1974 until his retirement in April 1996. Sgt. John Janoch headed the department until Chief Ronald Schmid was sworn in on June 22, 1998.

chief_brown   chief_schmid
 Chief Brown  Chief Schmid

      The police department was located for many years in a 100 year old farm house that had been the original city hall.  In November of 1998, the police department was moved to a newly constructed building.


chief_taiclet   chief_mosley
 Chief Taiclet  Chief Mosley

 Chief Powers