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Ohio BCI is no longer accepting inked fingerprint cards for civilian background checks.  Fingerprints may be submitted to Ohio BCI using scanned fingerprints only via WebCheck, an internet/PC based electronic print system.   For a list of locations utilizing WebCheck, click on the following link: 

The Streetsboro Police Department is not presently equipped for WebCheck capabability.  Citizens requesting fingerprinting through BCI as part of a civilian background check will be referred to a WebCheck location for that service.  


The Streetsboro Police Department does provide fingerprinting of of juveniles on an as-needed basis.  Often, this service is provided in conjunction with a local business as part of a promtional or community event (i.e. Home Depot, Kent Credit Union, Walgreens, National Night Out at Target, etc...).   Please contact Officer Jason Fogleman at (330) 626-4976, or by e-mail at  for further information and availability of this service.