Mission and Values




The Streetsboro Police Department operates under the City of Streetsboro Codified Ordinances, a Mission Statement, and a Policies and Procedures Manual. Each of the above three documents influence and control all law enforcement activities within the City of Streetsboro, as it pertains to criminal and quasi-criminal behavior.  


The members of the Streetsboro Police Department are committed to protecting life and property, ensuring safety, and engaging with our community to promote positive community relations and to solve problems.  


ACCOUNTABILITY:   We are responsible and dependable people who are accountable for everything we do, to each other as well as to the citizens of Streetsboro. 
CITIZENSHIP:  We pledge ourselves to preserving the public trust, obeying the law, and enforcing the law while respecting and protecting the rights of all citizens. 
COMMUNICATION:  We are committed to open and honest communication among ourselves and with the community.  We respect and speak positively of our fellow employees. 
COOPERATION:  We recognize the importance of cooperation and teamwork within our department as well as with other departments and our community; cooperation will enable us to achieve common goals. 
COURTESY:  We are courteous and respectful in official dealings with the public, fellow employees, superiors and subordinates. 
INTEGRITY:  Our success depends on the trust and confidence of the citizens that we serve; we are honest and exhibit behavior that is beyond reproach and reflects the integrity of police professionals. 
PROFESSIONALISM:  We recognize that our community is entitled to professional, effective and efficient law enforcement services; We strive for excellence in our agency to make it more effective and responsive to the needs of the community.