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Office of the Mayor

Spring 2014 Update from Mayor Broska 

Welcome spring!  With the recent approval of the 2014 Operating and Capital Budget, we are ready to move forward with an eventful spring construction season in the City of Streetsboro! 

First, excavation has begun at the old Carter Lumber property-drive by and take a look!  What you are viewing is the beginning of the construction of a new 1,500,000 gallon water tank.  This addition to the city’s infrastructure will improve water quality throughout the City, provide better water pressure, and better position us to attract more business and industry. 

Second, we are nearing completion of plans to bring city water to the Sunny Slopes area.   This year, we aim to complete Phase I. Phase I consists of: (1) a main line on Sunny Lane – from Frost to Gaynelle and out to State Rt. 43 and (2) a main on Meldon from Frost to Gaynelle and out to State Rt 43.  Next year, we aim to begin Phase II.  Phase II will complete Gaynelle, Michael, and Andy- and loop into Fronek.

Third, we received a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission (“OPWC”) to financially assist with replacing water lines on Blitz, Gillie, Lido, Nita, Ellen, June, Flora, and Gerald.  We aim to bid the project in June and hope to begin construction later in the summer.  The project will improve water quality and ease the provision of fire protection to these important neighborhoods.

Fourth, Seasons Road will be repaired and repaved from State Rt. 43 to our southern corporate limits.  We applied for and were successful in receiving OPWC funding to defray the cost of this project.  Seasons Road, by itself, would have utilized over $800,000 of the City’s paving budget.   $400,000 of the project will come from a combination of grant and interest free funding from the OPWC.  The assistance from the OPWC allows the City to utilize the remainder of our paving fund for other important projects.

Fifth, we are gearing up to go out to bid for the 2014 Paving Program.  This year our plan is to pave Luke, Dorothy, South Delmonte, and portions of Shawnee Trail and Cherokee Trail. 

Sixth, we are awaiting final approval of a grant from the “Safe Routes to School Program.”   This funding will enable the installation of sidewalks on State Rt. 303 from Mt. Vernon to Page- including, a new signal and crosswalks at Page Road.  We will reapply next year for Phase II which would enable the installation of needed sidewalks from Page Road to Luke. 

And, finally, we are working directly with the railroad in a cost sharing effort to have all of the crossings refurbished over the coming years.  With the exception of State Rt. 303 (The State Rt. 303 project will begin in 2017 when the raising of State Rt. 303 is completed to finally alleviate the flooding problem).  Our goal is to have new “bucket type” concrete crossings installed.  These crossings have an extended life span and provide a much smoother crossing.  

As you can see, many of the above projects are being completed due to our success in obtaining important grant dollars.  Having financial assistance through grants enables the City to stretch our own tax dollars.  Your tax dollars are being invested to improve our infrastructure.  Improved infrastructure makes our City much more attractive to potential manufacturing and industry employers and that equates to adding good, well-paying jobs for our citizens.  This year alone, we hope to receive nearly $1,500,000 in grant funding.

We excitedly look forward to a prosperous and busy spring and summer in the City of Streetsboro !


Mayor Glenn M. Broska    

(330) 626-4942, Ext. 106