Streetsboro Fee-Paid Rubbish/Recycling Information - Deadline to submit Application is Friday April 30, 2021

Dear Streetsboro Residents:

The deadline is fast approaching to apply for the Fee-Paid Rubbish/Recycling program administered by the City.  Completed applications must be received by 4:00pm on Friday April 30, 2021.  To alleviate any frustrations with the process, important information regarding the application follows.

Yearly Application

Subscribers who qualified and were accepted into the program during previous year(s) must submit a new and updated application containing all the required materials as if the resident was applying for the fee-paid rubbish/recycling program for the first time.  In other words, the program is not continuous- you must reapply every year.
If you are a new participant to the program, then you must have been a paid subscriber of the rubbish/recycling service in Streetsboro the (1) year prior to the date of this application.

Proof of Income

You MUST provide evidence of the income earned in the past year for everyone in your household.  Documents satisfying this requirement include: a copy of your Federal Income Tax Return, public assistance payment histories, or benefit letters from Social Security, Workers’ Compensation, or unemployment compensation.
In the event you either earned no income or cannot locate the appropriate income documentation, you must submit a signed statement explaining how you maintain your household with financial figures (In other words, how you financially supported your household in the past year).

Furthermore, your level of income earned in the prior year must not exceed 175% of the 2021 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines


You must submit proof of residency within the City of Streetsboro.  Documents attesting to this include: utility bills, phone bills, or a copy of your signed lease.
The document submitted to evidence residency must reference your name in connection with the property for which the fee-paid rubbish is sought.
Furthermore, you must reside in the household that is seeking the fee-paid rubbish/recycling.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions with either the application itself or any of the aforementioned information.  Specifically, please contact me if you have any questions as to the validity of any of the documentation you wish to submit in support of your application.


Proof of Residency


Thank you for your time.

Melissa Procop

Executive Assistant to the Mayor

City of Streetsboro



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