Engineering Department

engineering dept  The Engineering Department works closely with the City’s officials, boards, commissions, and residents concerning various engineering, zoning and building issues.  They are also responsible for preparing plans, cost estimates, and reports concerning public improvements that the City is considering undertaking.  They make recommendations regarding certain aspects of dedication plans, utility plans, and all aspects of private development plans.

The Engineering Director, on occasion, also serves as the authorized representative of the City and supervises the execution of public works.  He also furnishes the City officials the plans, specifications and cost estimates for public improvements giving guidance to the City’s decision makers.

Other day-to-day activities include the review of plans for subdivisions, land surveys, plats, commercial and residential site plans, construction agreements, and bonding requirements for private development.  They examine and approve legal lot splits, and consolidations as well as create right-of-way acquisitions.  The department also provides consultation to the Building and Planning Departments related to development regulations and permit requirements.

The Engineering Department should be contacted first concerning drainage issues and roadway improvements.  This department also maintains records of roadways and physical geography of the City through a geographic information system (GIS) and makes this available to residents, contractors, and developers.

A storm water pollution prevention plan must be reviewed by the Engineering Department and will be passed on to the Portage County Soil and Water Conservation District.  All sites where there is a disturbance of an acre or more must receive a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.

Other duties include concrete testing, railroad complaints, sidewalk inspections, storm sewer inspections, waterlines, and traffic signals to name a few.

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