Important Notice from the Streetsboro Water Department

          In response to several inquiries that we have received about the recent train derailment in the City of East Palestine, Ohio, the City of Streetsboro Water Department is releasing the following statement to hopefully alleviate any fears that you may have.
          The City of Streetsboro Water Department is committed to providing safe drinking water to its businesses and residents. Water Operators are monitoring news feeds and conditions about the train derailment and spill that occurred in East Palestine, Ohio. We have reached out to the Ohio EPA this morning, February 14, 2023, to obtain any update that may affect our geographic area  At this time, there are no additional requirements for Streetsboro or Portage County as it relates to the East Palestine incident.
          In direct response to the questions we have received, there is at this time, no plans to increase water testing or monitoring for VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in our system. With some wind direction shifts during the incident in East Palestine, the wind directions were primarily to the east and south of East Palestine (Streetsboro is North and West of them) which means that the wind blew away from us. At no time was Streetsboro or Portage County, Ohio under any warnings or advisories as a result of the incident. The lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, aquifers and water tributaries in the area of East Palestine and affected areas flow down stream towards the Ohio River and away from Portage County, and thus no Ohio EPA orders have been received, or ordered, to change or add any additional testing in the City of Streetsboro, due to the unfortunate event that unfolded in East Palestine. The EPA is closely monitoring the area(s) surrounding the incident, and should conditions change, the EPA would notify the City of Streetsboro of any additional monitoring that would be required or ordered beyond the current years scheduled requirements.
          If you would like more information, concerned citizens are directed to call Ohio EPA at 614-644-2160 and speak with Lisa Cochran.
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