Portage County Water Alert

Posted on February 15, 2021

2/14/2020: Portage County Water Resources has informed us that they had a breakdown in their Water Softening equipment. I want to say up front and unequivocally, there is no danger whatsoever to our water. What has occurred is that our water is normally treated to a level of 170 for hardness. Because it is not being softened it may rise to 270 to 300. What this means is that you may notice that you don’t have as many suds in your washing machine, you may have to use more dish soap and the like. They are actively working on it now but I don’t have an estimated time of repair. When I do, I’ll let you know. Some people may not notice it for a couple days as it takes that long for the water to course it’s way through the lines. Again, there is absolutely no danger to the health and welfare of our citizens. We will keep you apprised of when it will be resolved. This only affected the hardness of the water, nothing else.

UPDATE: 02/15/2020

Just a follow up to yesterday’s post about the repair needed at PoCo Water. The repair has been made, it was done last night but I didn’t think you wanted me posting stuff at midnight. It will take a couple days for things to stabilize but all will be well. I saw where a resident posted that her water tested to a PH of 3.0, would that resident please contact the Water Dept at 3306264942, we would like to test your water. Our records indicate that our PH is much better than that, usually over 6.5 and that lower number does concern us. Our water dept does tests for ph everyday. We have 10 sites we pull from, 2 different ones everuday for 5 days, we have never encountered a ph that low.

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