What can water users do about temporary disturbances that may accompany flushing activities?

Running several cold water taps at full force for a short period will usually flush out sediment laden or discolored water. A general recommendation is to flush for up to 10 minutes – if the water is not clear, wait for half an hour before flushing for up to 10-minutes again. Running water in a garden hose is often an effective way to flush, as the water can also be used for landscape watering. If the water hasn’t cleared at this point, call 330-626-4942 ext. 6106 or 330-626-2856 ext. 6103 (after hours, weekends and holidays contact Police Department on their Non-Emergency Line) for further

Clothing should not be laundered during such events as clothing may be stained. It is also best not to use hot water until the water has cleared to avoid drawing sediment into the water heater.

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