FAQ Topic: Business

Who are the city’s largest employers?

In no particular order, the top private sector, non-retail employers in Streetsboro are:  Step2, Sealed Air/Automated Packaging, Delta Systems, Soft-Lite Windows & Doors, Micro-Poise Measurement Systems, International Paper, Viking Forge, Permco, and L’Oréal.

I’m interested in starting my own business. What should I do?

The Economic Development Director would be pleased to set up some time to talk.  He can assist you in finding resources, locations, assistance with business planning, finding financing and even possibly referring you to some other Streetsboro businesses that might be interested in partnering with you.

How do economic development deals help me as a resident?

Streetsboro has a strong track record of structuring deals in a way that results in a true public-private partnership.  Our negotiations have resulted in money and land for a new city park, an annual donation for our food bank, the creation of a scholarship for our students and even requiring recipients of an abatement to … Continued

What is the city doing about vacant properties?

The city is aggressively pursuing redevelopment opportunities and has had remarkable success.  The former True North gas station on SR 14 was vacant for many years but we provided a tax incentive to demolish it and it will soon be home to a butcher shop.  We also were able to repurpose the old Steak N … Continued

Are there tax abatements for home owners?

Yes.  In some areas of the city the Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) will allow for a reduction in real property taxes for residents.  Remodeling projects, like painting or new carpet or even a kitchen remodel won’t typically add to the tax book value and likely will not result in an incentive.  However, adding new square … Continued

How do I start a business in the city?

The City of Streetsboro prides itself on being business friendly.  Please contact our Economic Development Director for assistance. A general guide to starting a business in Ohio can be found here:  https://www.ohiosos.gov/businesses/information-on-starting-and-maintaining-a-business/starting-a-business/ Additionally, a number of businesses require licenses and permits. You may determine what requirements exist by industry, as well as the appropriate regulatory … Continued

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