Planning & Zoning

Planning and Zoning Department

Planning & Zoning Department


Physical address: 555 Frost Road  |  Mailing address: 9184 State Route 43

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The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible to administer plans, programs, and compliance actions for the orderly development of the City of Streetsboro.  Planning oversees the development and updating of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations.  The department reviews all development plans and application submittals to ensure compliance with the City’s Codes. 


Zoning Code
The City of Streetsboro's Zoning Code is Part Eleven -Planning & Zoning Code of the City's 
Codified Ordinances. 

Zoning Map
The City of Streetsboro's Zoning Map can be found here.

 Planning & Zoning Director       Zoning Inspector/Violations Zoning Inspector
 John H. Cieszkowski, Jr., AICP  Robert Senvisky   Stacey Vadaj
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