Core Concept Plan and Information

Streetsboro residents have long asked for a walkable, active and vibrant city core. To help make this dream a reality, members of City Council, the Planning Commission and the Planning and Economic Development Departments met for over a year with a group of consultants to determine how we could leverage zoning and economic development tools to bring new vitality to the commercial area commonly referred to as Market Square (Market Square Drive, City Square, and portions of State Routes 14 and 43). The end result of this work is known as the Streetsboro Core Concept Plan. The Plan has many components, including an amphitheater, a theme for each of the four corners of the City Square, and reimagining both existing neighborhood shopping centers as well as parking and roads.
While the administration and staff are excited about the possibilities that the Core Concept Plan lays out it should be noted that the document only discusses potential and includes design guidelines (and eventually zoning regulations) to help enable the desired redevelopment. At this point, there has been no identified developer to carry out the Plan’s vision and many key pieces of land are not actively listed for sale. Both conditions may have to materialize before any elements of the Plan can be realized. Further, the citizenry of Streetsboro must agree to implement the plan via the democratic process as any change to the zoning map (as would be required to implement the Core Concept Plan) requires the affirmative vote of a simple majority of registered voters in the City as a whole as well as a majority in the precinct in which the change is applica. Citizens, local business owners and other interested parties are encouraged to review the Plan and provide their feedback to the Planning and Zoning Director at

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