Water Department

Water Department

330-626-4942 ext 4112

9184 OH-43 Streetsboro, Ohio 44241

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Water dept
Linda Hartman, Water Billing Clerk  |  ext. 6106

Evangeline Makar, Water Billing Clerk  |  ext. 4112

Water billing dates delayed by two weeks.  The newly updated water billing dates are available here.

Business Reopening with EPA Guidelines
COVID-19 Reopening Buildings Transition Plan
Guidance for Premise Plumbing Water Service Restoration link

Streetsboro Water Department
The Streetsboro Water Department is established by Chapter 925 of the city's Code of Ordinances.  For more information about the department please follow the above link, review the Water Rules or contact the Water Department at 330-626-4942.

Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant Flushing is a citywide activity and is generally scheduled for the last week in March and lasts almost 2 weeks. Customers are advised during this time that they may see a slight discoloration of their water, but it is safe for drinking. Users should check the cold water for clarity and run clear before using it for laundry.

The City water is monitored daily for chlorine, monthly for bacteria and quarterly for disinfection by products.

Use of a fire hydrant is permitted by city employees only. Anyone seeing someone other than a city employee using a hydrant should contact the Water Department at 330-626-2856 or the Police Department on their non-emergency number at 330-626-4976. No outside contractors or landscapers are to be on any hydrant for any reason.

Billing: (Streetsboro City Hall, Finance Department) 330-626-4942 ext 4112
Emergency/service: (Streetsboro Service Department) 330-626-2856
Emergency/service after hours: (Streetsboro Police Department) 330-626-4976

Receive real time emergency and advisory alerts from the Streetsboro PD by text message or email.  This includes roads and water emergencies also.  Sign up by texting "44241" to "888777" now or visit www.nixle.com to register a free account.