City of Streetsboro Master Plan Review Commission

As set forth, in Article XXV of the City of Streetsboro Charter, the Master Plan Review Commission shall prepare a Master Plan (land use plan) for the City by reviewing the current Master Plan for the City, recommend revisions to that Master Plan, and perform such other duties as required by ordinance of Council.

In performing its duties, the Master Plan Review Commission shall solicit input from the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Mayor and the Administration, Council and its various committees, and the public, including residents of, and businesses located in, the City of Streetsboro.

The Master Plan Review Commission’s recommendations shall include appropriate land use classifications within the City.  Following the completion of its activities, and within eight (8) months of the appointment of the Master Plan Review Commission, the Master Plan Review Commission shall submit its recommendations for adoption of, or for revision to, the city’s Master Plan, to the Planning Commission for their consideration.

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