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Water Department


Water Billing Front Desk
Physical Address:
555 Frost Road, Suite 100
Streetsboro, OH 44241

Mailing Address:
9184 State Route 43
Streetsboro, OH 44241
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Tuesday: 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Wednesday: 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Thursday: 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Friday: 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Saturday: Closed

Streetsboro Water Department


In 1968, voters decided to merge the township and the village to become one city consisting of 25 square miles (65 km2). Streetsboro was primarily a farming Water Deptcommunity until 1970. In 1971, the City of Streetsboro established a water supply district, when Streetsboro City Council Passed Ordinance 1971-21 on 6/7/1971. The district is designated as the City of Streetsboro Water Supply District. Water was supplied from wells located in Streetsboro.

The city now purchases water from Portage County Water Resources (PCWR) located at 8116 Infirmary Road in Ravenna Ohio. The water the city purchases from PCWR is ground water derived from 9 wells that meets all state and federal guidelines for water quality and safety. The City of Streetsboro primarily receives its domestic water from PCWR’s, Shalersville Water Treatment Plant, where PCWR treatment process includes iron removal, filtration, disinfection and softening, before being distributed to the City of Streetsboro.

The City of Streetsboro Water Department owns and operates one Water Tower that has a maximum capacity of 1.5 MG.  PCWR has two water towers near Streetsboro known as the Halstead Tower and the Portage County Jail Tank that play an important roll in supplying the City of Streetsboro Water Distribution System. Portage County Water Resources operates a Water Treatment Plant in Brimfield that can be utilized to distribute water to the City of Streetsboro during high demands or emergencies. Portage County Water Resources has interconnections with the City of Cleveland, City of Ravenna, and the City of Tallmadge, all of which are surface water systems that meet all state and federal guidelines for water quality and safety. These connections can be used to help supplement the water supply in the event of an emergency.

Water Department Mission Statement

“The City of Streetsboro Service Department, Division of Water, is committed to supplying the highest quality potable water possible to residents, businesses and transients; and to provide such water at a reasonable rate. Trained professional employees provide highest levels of customer service, and strive to go above and beyond their duties to serve the community. “

Staff of 11 professionals including: Water Distribution Operators, Water Utility Workers, Water Billing Clerks, Service Clerk and Administrative Staff.

Water Distribution Facilities

The staff operates and maintains the Water Distribution system that includes:

  • 884,502 linear feet (168 miles) of water lines
  • 1.5 Million Gallon Water Tower
  • 1 Pump Station
  • 3 Pressure Zones
  • Maintain over 944 Fire Hydrants and over 814 Water System Valves
  • Maintain over 4,798 Water Accounts
  • Monthly average water consumption supplied is 1.3 Million Gallons
  • Water population served is over 14,394 people


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