Income Taxes


The Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.) serves as the collection agency for the City of Streetsboro.  R.I.T.A. administers and collects all income taxes and serves as an Agent of the City in this capacity.

The municipal income tax rate is 2.00% on all wages and profits earned within the City limits.  Residents are allowed a credit of 100% of up to 2.00% for all taxes paid to other communities.

For Income Tax inquiries for the City of Streetsboro, please call 440-526-0900 or 1-800-860-7482or visit the Regional Income Tax agency (R.I.T.A.) Website;  From this website you can file your municipal taxes electronically, lookup specific information, and view and print tax forms.  R.I.T.A. also provides an easy-to use- electronic filing and payment system that is fast, simple, and secure.

All payments for municipal income taxes and income tax forms, for current or prior tax years are to be sent to R.I.T.A. and not to the City of Streetsboro.

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