Important Notice from the Streetsboro Water Department: East Palestine Train Derailment

FAQ Topic: Police FAQs

How do I obtain a restraining order?

Restraining orders are not issued by the Streetsboro Police Department, and the police department cannot enforce a restraining order by arrest.  Violating a restraining order is a civil matter, and is addressed by filing against the violating party in civil court.  Consult with a private attorney regarding obtaining a restraining order. Temporary Protection Orders (TPO’s) … Continued

What colors and types of neon lights are legally allowed on my vehicle?

Lights must not rotate, oscillate, or flash, but state law does not prohibit the use of colored neon lights under your car as long as they do not interfere or blind other drivers.  Ohio Revised Code, section 4513.17 prohibits flashing lights on motor vehicles with the exception of emergency vehicles, turn signals, and hazard flashers. … Continued

What percent can the windows be tinted on my vehicle?

On Ohio registered vehicles, window tint must allow 50% light transmittance on the rear and side windows, and 70% transmittance on the windshield.  In other words, the tint cannot be darker than 50% on the side and back, and 30% on the windshield.  Remember, auto glass is slightly tinted from the factory, and will make … Continued

I need to be fingerprinted for employment. Where can I have this done?

For civilian background checks, you must use a web based electronic fingerprint system called Webcheck. The Streetsboro Police Department does not offer this service.  To find a location, visit:

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