FAQ Topic: Engineering Department FAQ's

I would like to fill in my ditch, what do I need to do?

The Engineering Department is to be contacted to inspect the proposed project.  They will make the decision on whether the ditch can be filled in as there are many factors to take into consideration, including water run-off, neighbors who may be affected, etc. If the department allows for the project to proceed, the Service Department … Continued

What are the procedures for a lot split?

The property owner should first hire a currently licensed surveyor to survey the parcel and have a drawing completed which will show the current property layout and the proposed lot split.  Two drawings as well as a legal description of the parcel needs to be completed by the surveyor and submitted to the Engineering Department. … Continued

What is a Mud Bond?

A mud bond is needed before construction can begin on ANY project in the City.  The owner, developer or contractor shall be responsible for maintaining the public right of way at the location, and in close proximity to the location of the construction throughout the construction period. A cash bond must be posted.  For commercial … Continued

What are the procedures for a topographic (TOPO) survey review?

A topographic design must be submitted when building a new home.  This TOPO must be stamped by a licensed surveyor and should show the building structure, and the existing and proposed contours and spot elevations of the property.  Four copies of the TOPO are needed for the Engineering Department’s review. Once approved the TOPO is … Continued

I’m building a new house, who assigns the address?

The Engineering Department assigns the address and notifies the proper authorities (including but not limited to, Police, Service, Fire, City School Bus Garage, Post Office, Auditor’s Office, Portage County Water Resources, Board of Elections, Recycling Center).

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