Finding the right site or the right building is only half the battle.  The bigger question is if you can get the right human talent, at the right cost, to help you get your product to market.

Streetsboro is a labor force magnet.  According to the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau we import 8,500 workers a day to Streetsboro, largely because they are showing up for good jobs in our industrial parks.  To put this in perspective, the zip code that covers most of Downtown Akron imports 12,298 workers/day so Streetsboro is working at almost 69% of a major jobs hub.  You can cast a very wide net for labor because of our strategic location on the turnpike.  Most people are more concerned with the time they spend in the car then how many miles they put in each day.  The tolls charged by the turnpike help reduce traffic and congestion, making even longer drives an easy commute.  We regularly import labor from as far east as Youngstown and as far west as Elyria and of course from nearby Cleveland and Akron.  On average, 43% of Northeast Ohioans commute to a different county for work.  The Ohio Turnpike has direct connections to I-77, I-71, I-90, I-76, and I-680 within an hour commute.   Within a 50 mile radius you have access to population centers such as:

  • Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) – population of 1,235,000 / 30 mile commute to Streetsboro from Downtown Cleveland
  • Summit County (Akron) – population of 541,000 / 24 mile commute to Streetsboro from Downtown Akron
  • Stark County (Canton) – population of 370,600 / 41 mile commute to Streetsboro from Downtown Canton
  • Mahoning County (Youngstown) – population 228,000 / 45 mile commute to Streetsboro from Downtown Youngstown
  • Lorain County (Elyria) – population of 309,800 / 46 mile commute to Streetsboro from Downtown Elyria

But you don’t have to just focus on getting people from the outside.  We import 2,615 people every day from other communities who work in trade / transportation / utilities but there are 1,724 people that live in Streetsboro but leave the city every day to go work in these fields.  We import 2,870 people every day from other communities who come here for our great manufacturing jobs but we lose 1.480 residents daily who depart from Streetsboro to drive somewhere else for another manufacturing job.  What does all this mean?  Well, for the right money there are lots of people here in town who would love a shorter commute and having a better work – life balance.

Did you know?

  • Across Northeast Ohio there are more than 270,000 manufacturing workers?
  • The Economic Development Director can utilize the Talent Acquisition Services Specialist from JobsOhio to help you meet your labor force needs if you are expanding or new to the area?
  • The Economic Development Director can assist you in posting your job for free on ?
  • Northeast Ohio is home to 27 colleges and universities. The largest student population is at Kent State University with 26,804 undergraduate students and is only 7 miles away from Streetsboro!
  • The Economic Development Director can assist current and prospective businesses with a labor market report including average wage rates for similar occupations?
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