Aaron Coates K9 Officer 330-626-4976 Email
Aaron Hatzo BZBA Ward 1 330-554-5685 Email
Alex Melomed Dispatcher 330-626-4976 Email
Andrea Parma Administrative Assistant 330-422-2094 Email
Angela Rein Dispatcher 330-626-4976 Email
Angella Fausset Planning and Zoning Clerk 330-422-2098 Email
Anthony Lombardo City Council Ward 2 Email
Anthony Madden BZBA At Large 216-269-2158 Email
Bill Miller Service Director 330-422-2069 Email
Bobby Ranta Utility Worker 330-626-2856 Email
Bobby Spence Utility Chief Mechanic 330-422-2068 Email
Brian Pearson Civil Service Commission Member 330-402-8411 Email
Brian Salyer Planning Commission At Large 937-416-4070 Email
Caroline Kremer Clerk of Council 330-422-2064 Email
Chris Johnson Utility Mechanic 330-626-2856 Email
Chris Yonish PRCAC Member At Large 330-626-3802 Email
Christopher Petro Patrol Officer 330-626-4976 Email
Craig Barger Recreation Programmer 330-626-3802 Email
Curt Gallo Planning Commission Ward 4 330-591-7479 Email
Cynthia Bennardo Administrative Assistant 330-626-4942 ext 1741 Email
Dan D’Agostino Residential Building Official, Inspector 330-422-2076 Email
Dave Petrie Building, Plumbing, HVAC Inspector- Plans Examiner 330-422-2079 Email
Deb Covert Planning Commission Ward 1 330-888-3165 Email
Dennis Sheldon Patrol Officer 330-626-4976 Email
Doug Liebler BZBA Ward 3 330-968-7614 Email
Eileen Fitzsimmons PRCAC Member Ward 2 330-474-0699 Email
Evangeline Makar Water Clerk 330-626-4942 ext 4112 Email
Frank Puz Dispatcher 330-626-4976 Email
Franklin Beni Law Director 330-422-2099 Email
Gene Larson Patrol Officer 330-626-4976 Email
Geoff Willa Water Operator 1 330-626-2856 ext 6103 Email
Glenn M. Broska Mayor 330-626-4036 Email
Greg Mytinger Director of Parks and Recreation 330-626-3802 Email
Greg Starcher Utility Worker 330-626-2856 Email
Haley Firtik Dispatcher 330-626-4976 Email
Harvey Johnson Utility Worker 330-626-2856 Email
Jake Skladoni Utility Worker 330-626-2856 Email
James Demitrus Civil Service Commission Member 330-626-5941 Email
Jason Fogleman Detective (330) 626-4976 Email
Jason Hall K9 Officer 330-626-4976 Email
Jason Sackett Detective 330-422-2091 Email
Jen Wagner City Council Ward 3 330-801-0945 Email
Jennifer Bailey Utility Water Worker 330-626-2856 Email
Jerome Pavlick Planning Commission At Large 330-626-3349 Email
Jerry Benci Utility Worker 330-626-2856 Email
Jimmy Hoppel, AICP Assistant Planner 330-422-2082 Email
Joe Balli Utility Worker 330-626-2856 Email
John Cieszkowski Jr, AICP Planning and Zoning Director 330-422-2058 Email
John Kendall Utility Worker 330-626-2856 Email
John Paulett Utility Worker 330-626-2856 Email
John Rorrer Utility Water worker 330-626-2856 Email
Jon Hannan City Council At Large 330-931-5451 Email
Jon Hurley Sergeant 330-422-2059 Email
Joshua Bartholomew Patrol Officer 330-626-4976 Email
Julie Field City Council Ward 4 440-503-5411 Email
Justin Czekaj City Engineer 330-422-2093 Email
Justin Hrabak Utility Worker 330-626-2856 Email
Justin Leidel Sergeant 330-422-2060 Email
Justin Ring City Council At Large 216-410-5287 Email
Katie Harrison Water Administrator 330-626-4942 ext 4145 Email
Keith Smith PRCAC Member At Large 330-603-6106 Email
Kevin Grimm Captain - Fire Prevention Bureau 330-422-2052 Email
Kyle French DARE/SRO 330-626-4976 Email
Larry Schumaker Utility Crew Leader 330-626-2856 Email
Leslie Bair Senior Finance Clerk 330-626-4942 ext 4114 Email
Linda Hartman Water Clerk 330-626-4942 ext 6106 Email
Linda Leanza Dispatcher 330-626-4976 Email
Luke Nelson Detective 330-626-4976 Email
Marianne Glenn City Council Ward 1 330-780-5355 Email
Marty Richmond Planning Commission Ward 3 330-626-4942 ext 4127 Email
Marvin Woods BZBA At Large 216-832-6097 Email
Matt Bross BZBA At Large 330-573-4609 Email
Matt Coffman Network Administrator 330-422-2095 Email
Matt Miller Finance Director 330-422-2051 Email
Melissa Procop Executive Assistant 330-422-2088 Email
Michael Cipriano Patrol Officer 330-626-4976 Email
Mike Sweet Utility Crew Leader 330-626-2856 Email
Milinda Long Dispatcher 330-626-4976 Email
Patrick O’Malia Economic Development Director 330-422-2096 Email
Paul Janis Prosecutor/Assistant Law Director 330-422-2067 Email
Rachel Miller Parks & Recreation Administrative Assistant 330-626-3802 Email
Richard Polivka Administrative Lieutenant 330-626-4976 Email
Richard Rynearson PRCAC Member Ward 4 330-678-2310 Email
Robert Reinholz Fire Chief 330-422-2050 Email
Ron Good Planning Commission Ward 2 330-968-6783 Email
Ryan Wolf Patrol Officer 330-626-4976 Email
Salvatore Ruffo Parks Crew Leader 330-626-4942 ext 4141 Email
Scott Hermon Patrol Officer 330-626-4976 Email
Sharon Gumm Police Administrative Assistant 330-626-4976 Email
Shawn Hebebrand Utility Water Worker 330-626-2856 Email
Shawna Lockhart-Reese Human Resource Manager 330-422-2097 Email
Sheri Gestring PRCAC Member At Large 330-554-9106 Email
Stanley Siedlecki Sergeant 330-626-4976 Email
Steve Michniak City Council At Large 330-676-3056 Email
Teresa Summers Senior Center Activities Coordinator 330-626-4109 Email
Theodore Hurd Planning Commission At Large 330-571-1218 Email
Thomas Ondecker Patrol Officer 330-626-4976 Email
Todd Cooper BZBA Ward 2 330-968-8398 Email
Todd J Mitchell Civil Service Commission Member 330-968-4707 Email
Tommy Weidele Water Operator 1 330-626-2856 ext 6104 Email
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