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Streetsboro Fire: Committed To Your Safety

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9184 State Route 43
Streetsboro OH 44241
Business line: 330-626-4664
Fax: 330-626-5918

Call 9-1-1 for all EMERGENCIES
and other requests for Fire Department response.

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It is National Fire Prevention Week 2015! This years' theme is "Hear the BEEP where you SLEEP".

Can you hear a smoke detector sounding from inside your bedroom with the door closed while you sleep? If you're not sure, consider asking a family member or friend to test your ability to hear a smoke detector tonight after going to sleep.

From "The key message of this year's Fire Prevention Week campaign, October 4-10, is to install smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside each separate sleeping area, and on every level of your home, including the basement. Larger homes may need more alarms".

New homes built in Streetsboro are required to have a smoke detector outside of each sleeping area, inside each bedroom and at least one smoke detector on other levels of the home. Additionally, new homes must have their smoke detectors 'tied together', meaning, when one detector goes into alarm, all detectors go into alarm to alert everyone throughout the home.

Before you go to sleep tonight, test all of your smoke detectors in the home. If a detector doesn't sound, change the batteries. If the detector still doesn't work afterward, it may need replaced. All smoke detectors should be replaced after 10 years of service.

For more information on Fire Prevention tips, visit  
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Do you have  information on a fire that you believe

was intentionally set? If so, contact your local fire

department or local law enforcement agency.

A person supplying information that leads to the

identification of persons responsible for arson fires    

in Ohio may be eligible for a reward of up to $5,000.

Ohio Blue Ribbon Arson 


The Streetsboro Fire Department has been awarded a Federal grant to provide
smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to eligible city residents.

If you own the home you live in and are within the boundaries ot
the City of Streetsboro, you are eligible to apply.

Click here to access the very brief application.


Message from the Fire Chief
 Chief Reinholz

The Streetsboro Fire Department was organized in 1949. We proudly serve the residents, businesses and visitors of Streetsboro with 24 hour a day fire and emergency medical services across our 25 square mile area. Our Fire Officers and Fire Fighters are professionals who take pride in their community, the service that they provide, and the profession that they have chosen to embrace. We believe in providing prompt, courteous and professional emergency service 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We strive to stay connected to the community during time of emergency and non-emergency through this web site as well as other venues, such as our department's active social media presence where we share news and information concerning your fire department. We welcome and encourage your feedback.   

Our members continue to train in areas of expertise such as Dive Rescue, Fire Investigations, Hazardous Materials Incident Response and Technical Rescue to provide complete and total emergency assistance to our community.

The fire personnel are dedicated to providing the citizens of our coverage area the highest quality service possible. We are an all risk fire department that provides services in fire suppression, rescue, fire prevention, fire inspection, emergency medical services and disaster mitigation to list a few.

We are proud to serve you and realize that you have entrusted us with the safety and protection of our community. We want a positive interaction with our citizens and visitors to our city, which will benefit all of us. Thank you for your support, and for visiting our web site.


Fire Chief Robert A. Reinholz