Cemetery Rules

Cemetery Rules and Information

  • The City of Streetsboro, reserves the right to change or amend these Rules and Regulations from time to time for the general benefit of all lot owners.
  • In the deeds of all lots there will be a clause, “Subject to the Rules and Regulations of the City of Streetsboro.”
  • Each lot owner shall notify the City of Streetsboro of any change of his address.
  • Evergreen Cemetery is open from dawn to dusk.
  • Lots are sold for the use of the family, relatives and their descendants unless special permission is obtained.
  • Internment of two bodies in one grave is limited to parent and infant child, twins, or two deaths at the same time.
  • No internment of any body other than human will be permitted.
  • No more than two ash burials shall be permitted on one lot or no more than one casket and one ash burial on one lot.
  • Only one upright stone per grave is permitted. Footstones will not be permitted except for flat markers of granite or bronze that will allow a mower to pass over. A concrete foundation is required under any markers. If there is more than one burial on a single grave, the additional markers are to be flat stones. There will be no charge for a flat Veterans marker, as a gesture of appreciation by the City of Streetsboro for their veterans.
  • No sale, or transfer, or assignment of any lot, or part of a lot shall be valid or recognized by the City of Streetsboro without its consent and all bills against lot owners are paid.
  • Lots can only be placed on hold for a total of 60 days without payment. After 60 days and non-payment the City has the right to no longer hold them.
  • Upon the death of the lot owner, his/her heirs according with the Ohio State law is recognized as the new owner. It is the responsibility of the heirs to file for ownership at this time.
  • No disinterment will be allowed without permission of the Director of Public Services, City of Streetsboro.
  • All grave openings must be done by employees of the City of Streetsboro.
  • The City of Streetsboro has the right to forbid or remove any structure or object they shall deem objectionable.
  • Flowerbeds are permitted in front of the marker 12” deep and the width of the marker. At the discretion of the Director, any unsightly flowerbeds will be mowed.
  • There are no restrictions on decorations, but owners are asked to discard or remove them within an appropriate time, or the City will reserve the right to remove them. All decorations are to be on the lot that you own only. If your decorations intrude on another lot they will be removed without notice. In no way shall the City of Streetsboro, or cemetery personnel be responsible for any type of adornment.
  • At the discretion of the Director any worn, faded or tattered flags will be removed and burned. Any decorations that are faded, dead or inappropriate will be removed by City employees.
  • No enclosures of any type are permitted, including fencing, hedging, or borders on or around lots.
  • Placement of the foundation for the monument is the responsibility of the
    Service Department. Any person who chooses to change markers will pay the cost of a new foundation.
  • The size of the stone on a single lot is required to not encroach on any other lots.
  • No gravel, brick, stone or cement or any kind of artificial walk will be permitted.
  • No signs indicating a lot for sale or advertisement will be permitted.
  • NO PETS are allowed in the cemetery unless on a leash. Pet owner is responsible for any debris left by their pet.

The City of Streetsboro will take every reasonable effort to protect all private property of lot and grave owners in the cemetery from loss or damage but it distinctly disclaims all responsibility beyond reasonable control, and especially from the acts of thieves, vandals or mischief makers as well as acts of God.

Cemetery Foundations

Foundations are poured twice a year, once in May before Memorial Day, and once in October before Veterans’ Day. New graves are to be settled for at least 6 months before foundations can be poured or stones set.

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