Snow Removal

Snow & Ice Control Program

The City of Streetsboro has a fleet of 14 vehicles that are used in snow and ice removal. The trucks go through a year round maintenance program with an inclusive inspection before the salt spreaders and plows are put on for the winter. The city’s fleet needs to be prepared at the first sign of snow or ice.

Snow Routes

The City has 10 snow routes which include approximately 220 lane miles. Each route consists of a variety of main, secondary, and subs that they are responsible for.

Winter Storms - General
The enormity of the snow storm determines the frequency that the roads are plowed and salted. There is no way to estimate the timeframe it will take to clear each road due to the fact that no two storms are alike. We ask that residents be patient and we will clear roads as soon as possible.

During severe ice and snow storms, the Main roads will be the first priority with plowing and salting down the centers of every street first to make a travelable path, and pushing back the full lanes as the weather allows. Please expect during a severe storm for it to take approximately 12 hours to clean the entire city once the snow has stopped.

After Hours, Weekends, and Holidays
When the snow storms occur on weekends or after hours the Streetsboro Police Department notifies the Service Director who will dispatch out the road crews. It is likely that the road crews could be working 12 hour shifts during this time.

Sidewalk and Driveway Policy
The City of Streetsboro does not clear sidewalks or driveways. These are the responsibility of the home or business owner. It is unfortunate but snow plow drivers cannot control the snow coming off the edge of the plow. To avoid the problem of your drive being covered after you have shoveled, please shovel the snow into your yard instead of on the street , or shovel what would be downstream on the side of your driveway as determined by the travel direction of the truck.

Please be Patient
We will get to your roads as quickly as possible.
1. Please do not park your cars on the side of the roads during bad weather. This will make it easier for us to clear your road and minimize the damage to any vehicle parked on the roadside.
2. Do not stop too closely behind a stopped snow plow truck. The driver may be preparing to backup and may not see you.
3. Stay at least 50’ behind any snow plows. Most snow trucks are dispensing salt.
4. Do not pass a snow truck unless you have perfect visibility. Remember, the driver may be dealing with foggy windows, swirling snow, icy conditions, or slippery roads.

Service Director Issues a Warning
Please do not allow your child to play in snow piled alongside the roads or
cul-de-sacs. Children playing in them making forts or hiding do not realize the danger when the snow plow drivers cannot see them. The fear is one day a child will accidentally get buried.


Snow Plow Permits
Snow plow permits are $25.00 for anyone who is hired to do snow plowing for residents or commercial businesses. The operator must have his truck inspected by one of the service department mechanics. The inspection includes making sure all lights are operable, emergency lighting is visible in a 360-degree radius and the vehicle has no cracked windows. The snow plow driver MUST have commercial license plates and snow plowing insurance.
A reminder to anyone who snow plows, it is NOT permitted to push the snow across the street. All snow you plow must be kept on the property of the resident or business you are plowing.


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