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Service Staff

Service Director

Bill Miller Service Director 330-422-2069 Email

Service Clerk

Stacey Vadaj Service Clerk 330-626-2856 ext 6101 Email

Utility Crew Leader

Mike Sweet Utility Crew Leader
Larry Schumaker Utility Crew Leader

Utility Mechanic

Bobby Spence Utility Chief Mechanic 330-422-2068 Email
Trent Sapper Utility Mechanic 330-626-2856 Email
Chris Johnson Utility Mechanic 330-626-2856 Email

Utility Worker

John Kendall Utility Worker
John Paulett Utility Worker
Jerry Benci Utility Worker
Bobby Ranta Utility Worker
Greg Starcher Utility Worker
Joe Balli Utility Worker
Jake Skladoni Utility Worker
Justin Hrabak Utility Worker
Harvey Johnson Utility Worker
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