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What is aggregation?

One option you may consider when choosing an electric or natural gas supplier is becoming part of a group that buys electricity or natural gas for its members. An aggregator is a person or organization that brings a group of customers together. A large buying group may be able to get better terms for the group members than you could get on your own. This “buying power” may also allow aggregators to negotiate for additional benefits for the group’s members such as consolidated billing, energy management services and energy use analysis.

Buying groups may be formed by existing organizations, or new groups may be formed solely for the purpose of buying electricity or natural gas for their members. Ohio’s law also allows for local government aggregation by cities, townships or counties, with "opt-in" or "opt-out" provisions for their consumers. All aggregators must be certified by the PUCO to make sure they are qualified to provide electricity or natural gas in Ohio.

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