Streetsboro PD is currently using Nixle to keep citizens informed of situations in the city such as road closures, missing children and other situations.  In order to sign up for Nixle, visit their website at Or, text 44241 to 888777 and sign up for real time alerts from our police department.

What is Nixle?

Founded in 2007, Nixle is a communication system that connects residents with the agencies that serve and protect them. Residents can use Nixle to receive information ranging from critical alerts to community news. Additionally, residents can choose how they receive this information – by SMS (text message), email, over the Web or by mobile application.

Why Nixle?

Getting accurate local safety information when you need it is a challenge. Your ability to react to critical information depends on the accuracy and the immediacy of the information you receive. Founded in 2007, Nixle now works with over 4600 public safety agencies across the US.

How Does It Work?

By simply sending a text message with your zip code (44241) to 888777, you are instantly registered to receive text messages from the Streetsboro Police Department. Want more control? Create a Nixle account at and tailor exactly what information you receive and how you want to receive it – via text message, email, mobile application, or web browser.

Can I trust It?

Unlike social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook, Nixle employs a thorough screening process to verify that every agency joining the Nixle service is authentic. Other security measures such as 2-step login verification help to safeguard agency accounts beyond the level of protection provided by other online services. All of this is done to ensure that the messages you receive from Nixle are genuine and reliable.

What Else Does Nixle Provide?

Nixle is not only for emergencies. Stay up to date on other information affecting your community including traffic alerts, safety tips, and local crime information with your Nixle account. Messages always include a priority level so you can immediately judge their urgency upon receipt. Nixle also gives you the flexibility to direct messages based on priority so you can receive urgent information via text message and the rest via email.

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