Important Notice from the Streetsboro Water Department: East Palestine Train Derailment

Speed Awareness Trailer

Speed Awareness Trailer

The Streetsboro Police Department maintains a mobile speed awareness monitoring trailer. The purpose of such a tool is to deploy it in designated target areas or complaint areas within our community in efforts to modify driver behavior.
The trailer system utilized by SPD also incorporates a comprehensive computer based statistics module that can track information during the deployment, including numbers of vehicles, average speeds, maximum speed, percentiles within certain ranges, data by hour, by day, by week, etc... all in relation to targeting parameters established at deployment. This data can then be examined to draw conclusions regarding the target area, and may be coupled with follow on police enforcement in that area as necessary.

This model's battery system is charged via a mounted solar panel, eliminating extended down time for re-charging and allowing for longer deployment in the community. The trailer is taken out of service during the winter months.

If you are interested in further information regarding the mobile speed awareness monitoring trailer, please contact Ofc. Scott Hermon at (330) 626-4976, or via e-mail at

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